Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some great buys at HomeSense

Both yesterday and today I left work late :(... As drive home I always think"I really rather eat out!" Yesterday we almost ate out, but I repeated in my head that I only need to cook 3 days this week Mon-Wed. So far I have Monday and Tuesday down ahah! Yesterday was shrimp stirfry and today I made chicken with tomato sauce and chickpeas with mushrooms and peppers, yum! One more day to go ha!

When I plan my meals I do really well with staying within the calories I want for the day. It's when I eat out I lose track! So planning meals is key!

After dinner I went to Homesense to buy picture frames to put pictures of my adorable nieces!

But there was so many great deals going on! I couldn't resist!
I bought this cute ceramic Santa House that lights up to add to my Christmas Decor, it's so cute! And Christmas Cards too.
I also bought a new tea mug with a lid, a new wine opener and a spoon for the stove to hold cooking utensils. I was always meaning to get one of these! So finallyyy I have one!

I also bought some gifts for my Kris Kringle's :) couldn't post those here but let me assure you they are cute!!!

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