Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Weekend Fun!

This weekend was so fun. Friday night my family and bff came over for a little get together. We bought sooo much food! and Wine! We had all different types of foods Colombian, Mexican, Portuguese, Italian.. and wayyy too many desserts!
Bff is pregnant and my SIL was over with the kids. So we had a lot of baby talk! She was giving us all lots of pointers. She is also very pro breast feeding so she was educating us all. We had some funny stories which may have scared the younger cousins just a little ahahah!
I can't get enough of my little niece! She is just so so cute!
Saturday night the MIL turned 50! So they had a little party. We stayed at their house until 3am!
We slept in today which was totally needed and went to Lowes this afternoon for our Christmas tree! I love Lowes! they cut the bottom of the tree for us so all we had to do is put it in the stand when we got home! So easy! It smells great!
Fingers crossed Zoe stays away from it....
As for my weekly goals... lets just say another weekend of not following my goals has happened again! All in the name of fun!


  1. Looks like you had an awesome weekend. I've noticed that women who are pro-breast feeding are VERY passionate about it. I've been educated about the benefits too and I'm not even planning on ever having babies.

    Your tree is very pretty. Have a great week.


  2. Super fun will all my fave girls......never a dull moment, can't wait for the next get together. Love the tree too, looks nice and fluffy, just like us LOL


  3. EEK! I was trying not to look too scared, but clearly that failed! So happy for all the babies we have now and that are on their way very soon! For me though, I don't think I'll jump on that train just yet...I was thinking of going back to school for my Masters :)