Friday, August 26, 2011

30 weeks pregnant photo and update

This week!
How Far Along: 30 weeks! (70days to go!)
Size of baby: 3.3 lbs!
Movement: much more movement this week :)
Cravings: Chocolate chocolate Chocolate!
Symptoms: Yesterday I had the worst case of heartburn or indigestion whatever
it was, had me screaming in pain! It was between my ribs and was that fire pain
UGH! It was gone within and hour thank goodness!

This weekend we will finally get the nursery! I can't wait! The decals came in
yesterday too and I can't wait to start decorating!

I already made room for where I will place the packnplay and swing.
I'm one of those people that hate filling a room full of furniture.
So I get pretty antsy visualizing where all the extra baby things will go.
I like my space and I will throw away furniture if it's in my way haha!

So I decided to put the packnplay in my long dining room ahahh. Finally see a reason
for it's length haha! There's a perfect corner for it that is kinda out of sight. I can move it to the living room when needed too but for the most part, it's home will be there!

 I moved this sad looking plant to the opposite of the room, still debating on what I'll do with it. I always forget to water it.

The Swing will be in our living room.

And all extras will take over the husbands basement poker room :) sorry hunny, you and baby K can share that room with your toys haha!

The nesting stage is making me a little crazy but once I visualize where things will
go, I feel calm and ready lol. I'm also ready for it all to change anyway once
Baby K is here too ;)

Hope you have a great weekend! Today is my sister's Champagne Birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!


  1. sounds like you're getting everything organized and ready! have a great weekend!

  2. whoohoo!!! 30 weeks already!! can't wait to see the pics of nursery!