Friday, September 09, 2011

32 weeks pregnant update and presents!

This week!
How Far Along:
32 Weeks!  (8 weeks to go!)
Size of baby: Almost 4 lbs!
Movement: Love feel him kicking around
Craving: I'm getting weird cravings.. yesterday I wanted Pizza and ice cream and french fries! And also wanted to buy pumpkins (which are not for sale yet, well early this week they weren't, I'll check this week haha)
Symptoms: Swelling and my joints are sore.
Best Moment so far: seeing him and hearing is heartbeat this week :)

I'm also in the crazy crazy part of nesting. I've cleaned all my closets and made soo much space around the house ahaha. I feel much better now, knowing where all the baby things will be around the house and in the closets neat and tidy... for now ahahh. 

Yesterday a friend and I (Stef over at )
went out for lunch :) Just the 2 preggos haha!

She's due in 18 days! Soo exciting!!!!!!!

Look at this super cute charm she got me for my birthday. I love it! It's a pacifier!

She was also able to get me a discount on a Kitchen Aid Mixer! I was soo excited when she told me. Makes me want to bake up a storm really really soon ahahh!

Tomorrow i'll be visiting my grandparents, haven't seen them in a while! My grandma had shingles and her doc told me to stay away for 3 weeks. So I'm happy to go see them tomorrow. And happy to eat her delicious food haha!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Awww! How exciting! You are so adorable! Hope I'm that cute when I'm pregnant!

  2. You look beautiful! I am catching up with your blog right now, and I am so glad to see that everything is going well. I'm thrilled for you!