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Monday, July 28, 2014

Getting back on track...again.

Sigh. Watch my diet... Don't watch my diet... Watch... Don't watch... Ughh 

I'm getting back on track! Again! 

Since I started work I've been buying lunch pretty much every single day! I have been choosing healthier choices but many of the choices involve bread and more bread that I do not need. When selling our home we had to be out of the house a lot. Eating out a lot! We do enjoy going to restaurants as a family but I definitely need to keep my goals in mind! 

So today I made a yummy grilled chicken salad for today's dinner and tomorrow's lunch!
All organic veggies! Yum! 

I have a 20lbs weight loss goal I want to achieve by the new year! My last 20lbs of baby weight. I have more than one reason why I neeeed to achieve this goal by the new year! So hopefully all those reasons push me along! 

Some diet changes that started today! 
Only 1 coffee no sugar a day
Water water and more water 
Cut as many carbs and sugars as I can! 
Portion control, especially at dinner. 
2xweek workouts (I know this should be more, but it's hard to find the time!!! So I'll continue with 2x) 

Target areas: hips and thighs 

Project let's get fit is on! 

Me 7 years ago! Ohhhh how I want that body back! Ha! I remember trying to lose 20lbs that time too. Sigh. 

Monday, June 04, 2012

Goals for the week

Before I got pregnant I would write out my weekly goals on my blog. I started doing fitness Friday a couple months ago with fellow bloggers too. So this weekend I decided to get back on track with my Monday weekly goal posts.

This week I want to focus on these 3 goals.

1. Daily walks, I want to head out everyday for a walk (we just came back from a 45min walk!)

2. No drive thru! Where I live I'm surrounded by drive thru's! I admit I go through them often now that I have a baby and sometimes it's easier to pick up dinner or coffee at a window haha!. So this week my goal is nooooo drive thru's! Let's see how I do eek!

3. More water intake. This is always an issue for me. I don't drink much water. So I want to make sure I have a glass of water with every meal and water in my tumbler thingy taking lots of water in!

I'm totally focused this week! I'll be tweeting my daily accomplishments too!

What are your diet goals this week?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Busy weekend, busy week, busy month

February is a busy month! Birthdays and V day and family and friends visits and outings. My calendar is full!

I haven't been doing so well with my diet. My scale has not budged for weeks. I have been doing a lot of walking and have the salsa fitness class every Thursday which is great, but I need to step it up!

This weekend I did some V day baking yum! However after tomorrow I must get back on track with calorie counting and meal planning. This has worked for me in the past so I need to get focused!

Friday fitness goal is no eating after 8pm. This is a tough one! I'll try my best!

Hope you all had a good weekend here are some weekend pics ;)

Thursday, January 05, 2012

A coconut dream

I've been Breastfeeding baby boy for 2months! Breastfeeding does have its challenges and having a support group and other women to talk to helps so much! I always have a million questions.

Since Breastfeeding I noticed some foods that baby k was sensitive to. Milk/cheese (dairy), chocolate, spicy and I think coffee but I'm not too sure. I only drink a little these days and I don't see the same reaction that I do when I have an actual glass of milk.

I do miss my milk though!
My SIL suggested I try coconut dream milk. I tried it out with my cereal and loved it! It gives the cereal a soft coconutty taste. So coconut dream is my new milk!

Last week when Kristian was sick and not eating that much I decided to pump a lot and feed him with the bottle... Well to my surprise he refused the bottle! I love Breastfeeding but i have some occasions coming up and would like him to take a bottle so I don't have to nurse and can leave him for a couple hours too. So I bought the Medela calma bottle which says mimics Breastfeeding. So we will try it out!

Kristian is also becoming so aware of things, when I talk or he hears something loud, he'll stop nursing and look up at me. It's too cute, but wonder as he gets older he will want to be in the middle of it all instead of nursing with mama ;(

This week I wanted to start on some if the goals I made for myself... That didn't work out so well. Monday is my new start date ;)