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Friday, July 29, 2011

26 weeks pregnant today!

 This week!
How Far Along: 26 weeks! Ummm 98 days to go!
Size of baby: 1.9lbs size of an eggplant!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 23lbs

Movement: A lot more! and seems he is most active at midnight! ha!
Cravings: Still I'm obsessed with my nutella and milk daily snacks,
but food aversions seemed to have come back too. So this will be interesting.
Ice cream is still on my good list tho, ha!
Brownie, Caramel Ice cream!

Symptoms: Headaches! Lower pressure, my walk ain't that cool. Look out for waddling mama!
Best Moment so far: Husband feeling the 5am strong kicks!

Some new items:
My mom bought all these clothes and blankies for baby K!

I have a lot of laundry coming my way ha! The basket is full and ready for washing.

**Mom Question: I'll be using Ivory snow to wash the clothes... Do you put fabric softener?, and also do you put their clothes in the dryer? With or without a bounce sheet....?

Have a great weekend! and Happy Civic Long weekend!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

22 week doctors appointment was great!

Today I had an appointment with the OB. She told me my results were perfect! She also measured my belly and said it's the perfect size! I'm a happy momma! I left there feeling great!

She also told me I could sleep anyway I want, and if I'm most comfortable on my back then so be it! The back it will be! :)

My weigh in today brings me to a 21 lbs gain.  It's funny because I can actually say this is the first time in my life that I actually LOVE my body. I joke about the weight gain and the stretch marks ain't pretty... But I honestly don't care at all! As long as doctor says I'm healthy I'm totally embracing this pregnancy and it's such a gift! I'm soo happy to be experiencing all of it!  (haha i know most mamas are saying "oh wait till the 9th month haha, and I'm sure I'll be laughing trying to lose all the weight later ;) ) But you know what I mean! For once I'm wearing tight tops showing off a growing belly and I love it!

At the OB office there were soo many preggos dressed soo cute for the summer, Big, small all sizes of bellies with the cutest outfits.

While I was out today I went to see some swings at Toys R us. I've been going crazy deciding on one. All moms have different opinions on them.

So I finally decided on this one! It's a 2 in 1. Swing and bouncer! It has good reviews and has a bunch of features I was looking for :)

I also am trying to add more fruit and veggies to my diet. The last couple weeks I've been eating everything but those!

So yesterday I went to a local farmers market and bought cherries, peaches and cucumbers. They are yummy!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nursery and Stroller idea's and wish list

I have soo many ideas for the nursery I keep going back and forth like a crazy person. I'm still going through all my ideas and even trying to decide which spare bedroom to choose, (room 1 is a perfect square with 1 window, room 2 is a longer than it is wide room with 3 windows)  I'll decide eventually, but here are some ideas I have.
A white tree on the wall (could be painted or even a sticker) I am thinking of  painting the room a Oatmeal (lighter beige) color on 3 walls and a milk chocolate color on 1 wall (same as my bedroom) Or just all oatmeal color with a brown tree.

Google Img
I'm also thinking of adding a rocking chair to the nursery. I think it's a cute touch. i also like the reclining chairs, I haven't fully decided on which one yet. I don't like to crowd a room so I may go with whichever takes less space.

I found a site with word decor and I really like this for above Kristian's crib.
Add caption

But also like these wall letters spelling out his name but afraid if I put them over the crib they might fall...
This is the crib set I like so far.
My mom already bought me this bedding set. What do you think?
Google Image

Google Image

I think I finally decided on the stroller I want too. I had another stroller in mind and I was sure I was going to go for but the other night we decided to just look at this one. One thing that sold me was the extra jumper seat that can be added. It also comes with more accessories than our first pick and has many of the same features too for half the price, bonus!. I also really liked how this one felt as I rolled it around toys r us. So for now this stroller bumped to my  #1.

 I'm sure this will not be my only blog post with my ideas ha!

Would love your feedback and any suggestions!! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Finding out...

I was a little upset at last weeks "doctors" scheduled ultrasound. The technician was not friendly at all.  (I already knew it was a boy, because I paid for an ultrasound at UC baby) but I didn't say anything to the tech. All she said was "It's probably a boy, I see something between the legs" She showed me the small screen for a second and turned it away. She printed 2 fuzzy face pics and when I asked for better ones she said NO. Rude! I was sooo glad that I did not have that as my experience of finding out the sex of the baby. whew!

At 18 weeks husband and I were too excited and couldn't wait for the doctors ultrasound so we went to UC baby just around the corner from my home...ok we paid $200 for it (pretty expensive), but it was the BEST experience!

We seen the baby on a big screen moving around and sucking his thumb it was soo cute. Finding out it was a boy through that experience was amazing.  We also got 3 print outs and a whole CD of  pics of our little man. So I'm now telling friends to do the same to find out the sex of their babies instead of finding out through the cheesy lab machines. My opinion only of course :) But husband and I were happy we did it, and would do it again for later pregnancies :)


Monday, June 13, 2011

19 weeks pregnancy update!

19 weeks

This week!
How Far Along: 19 weeks 3 days today
Size of baby: Cantaloupe!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 14lbs gain
Maternity Clothes: maternity pants and bras, most tops I just wear a bigger size and I'm ok so far. I still wear some of my tights, but only the ones that go over the belly.  I can't wear anything under belly cause it hurts! Trying to find a dress that looks decent is a mission.  I have soo many occasions this summer, so this will be fun! haha!
Movement: Not much, just flutters here and there. I can't wait to feel kicks!
Today I went for a ultrasound and baby K was being shy and only showing his back.  The technician made me walk around and drink water and still he was facing down. I think he was napping.  So we had to reschedule the appointment for next week. This time I made it for the morning, hopefully that will make a difference. 
Sleep: Not doing so well, I'm ending up on my back which causes back pain after. However I'm compensating through naps.
Cravings: Last week I was obsessed with avocado and cucumber... I may be over it.
Best Moment so far: Finding out it's a BOY.
Some new items:
My sister bought baby K this cute outfit :)

When I went shopping on the weekend I picked up this little outfit. Every time I shop for me I try and pick up baby K a little something too!
Love baby clothes!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

It's Blue Blue Blue!

 It's a boy!!! My husband and I are sooo excited! Although I had a feeling it was a boy since the beginning!
I couldn't wait any longer so I went for an Ultrasound yesterday and right away she said it was a BOY and displayed the evidence many times aahha! Our little boy was having fun, kicking his feet, waving his hands and sucking his thumb. It was sooo amazing!
After we got the news and called and texted our family and friends we went to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Marcellos. MMM yum! I wish I had that now, I'm drooling looking at it ahhah!

We have had names picked out for a year already... Nicole if it was a girl and Kristian for a boy.

I already started to look at nursery designs and can't wait to prepare his room. My husband can't wait to play soccer with his little one and is already thinking of the jersey's to buy him ahahh!

I'm sooo happy and and can't wait to meet baby Kristian in November!