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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Health and Wellness INSIDE OUT

When it comes to our overall health, we can't forget about our Mental Health!

Health and Wellness 100% starts from the inside. The foods we feed our bodies, the daily choices we make, the way we speak to ourselves, how we treat ourselves, how we treat others.

I've been reading Personal Development books ever since I was a teenager! I've been working on ME, ever since I can remember. I have been to therapy to help me grow from my trauma. It’s set me free from my limiting beliefs and has helped me learn how to grow and understand that learning and growing never stops! I'm always picking up a new book, or audio book. I want to hear other peoples stories. I love being reminded that we are STRONG, and WE CAN DO ANYTHING we put our MIND to! No one is perfect, we are all just trying to live our best life. We make mistakes, then grow from those mistakes. Life will throw us a curve ball now and again. How will we react to them? Some harder than others too.

Now more than ever, I have my book selection at my fingertips! As soon as I finish one, I'm on to the next. Our minds need the training, just as much as our bodies do!

Every book I read, teaches me something new. My latest book was Mastering Your Mean Girl. And boy does my mean girl like to take a hold over me sometimes. This book reminded me to lead with love. It can get confusing at times, so I've been repeating to myself "lead with love""respond in love" . Do I always? Nope, I'm still learning haha. This is life though. Learning, growing and evolving.

Are you reading any books right now? Drop me a comment below. I'll add what you recommend to my list!

Here's my list of my current Personal Development Books!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My pregnancy book recommendations

Since it's my first pregnancy I can tell you that I have at least 15 book about pregnancy and babies. From What to Expect when expecting books to audio books like belly laughs (which I loved too) I decided to pick out my current 4 books plus another one recommended by a mommy friend to share with you all.

If you are a busy mom to be like myself then I'm sure you don't have time to just sit and read a whole book. That's why I love these 4 books the most. Easy to read, and easy to flip through to the part you need information on.

 Love the experts guide because it has so many questions us new moms have with answers in only a few pages each. Question like "Bathing Baby" seems simple right, but not for a first time mom haha!
 I only read a couple chapters of the Infant Stimuli but I think it's great. It talks about what to do with your newborn to stimulate their development. Like buy black and white toys for your newborn because they don't see color for a couple months. I added some cows and pandas to my registry :)
 I bought soo many books on pregnancy nutrition and I love this one the best! It's so simple to read and lists out the healthy foods by trimester with a summary of what nutrients the foods have and how it's good for mom and baby.  A must have!
 And of course a journal :) You can write your experience in here and each day has a brief summary of moms and baby's development through the pregnancy. It also has some tips for moms to be too.

Those 4 books have been my favorite from all the books I bought so far. Hope this helps some first time moms :)

A mommy friend suggested the book "Happiest Baby on the Block" she highly recommends it so I ordered it on Amazon this morning :)

I added all the books to my Amazon Widget to your left, check em out.

If you have any pregnancy books you loved please share them with me! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A blogger gift!

I received this gift today from a blogger friend! Jenn from had a giveaway last month. Look how pretty the bracelet is. Thanks!! :)
Today was a rough day at work, I ended up getting home at 7pm! GRRR I was not happy. I had plans to shop tonight but instead I'm snuggling on my couch with a tall cup of tea and the TV!

Here is a pic of the little book I've been reading every night to put me back on track. I read 2 pages every night. I love it and it makes me smile always! "Wink at your stress: we all know you aren't so important" :)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fruits and a good book.

I know it's only Tuesday but I've been doing great following my eating plan and workout plan. Keeping calories under 1500 and I got workouts in yesterday and today so far, so I'm on track!

The number 1 key is to have enough healthy food and snacks in the house so when hungry I go for fruit, or cucumbers for energy! :)

I've been reading eat love pray. I'm only at the beginning of the book and the author talks about learning Italian in Italy. The book draws you in and you feel like you are there experiencing what she is talking about. So today I was inspired! I'm going to take Italian lessons!
My background is Italian, I can understand a little and speak a little but in no way can have a full conversation. I've always wanted to learn and I did when I was 16 and traveled to Italy for 2 months, but I never kept it up. So it's my time to re-learn! Once I feel comfortable with Italian I'll move on to Spanish! :)

Are there any languages you would love to learn?

Saturday, May 01, 2010

My love for the bookstore

Ahh the bookstore, I can't really explain my love for the bookstore... It's the smell of new books, the feel of new books, I could just spend a whole day in the bookstore...

My sister came over and we ran some errands together and ended our evening with an hour browsing through books. I still have a couple books I have not finished, hmm or even started yet (I always buy more than I need)... but there is no way I will leave the bookstore empty handed ahahh. So I got this.

I'll turn to a page and write a sentence... "stop taking things personally" ... (i do this, so i'll stop ahhah!)

I also convinced my sister to get this other book called God never blinks. I'll borrow that from her once she's done :P

This chapter caught my attention. And I noticed it's my lucky number 13 tooo!
This jumped out at me because I believe it soo much. We all have different journey's. We all do things for different reasons. We need to always do things for our own reasons to be happy. I find many people look at other peoples lives and compare or compete or follow, but really we do not know what the other persons real journey for themselves is. Just because you see what you see does not mean you know, and even if you think you know, you should always look within and not at others when designing your own journey.. Because looking at others and not within, you may find yourself at a destination that is not for you... Just some food for thought :)

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just love blogging

I love the fact that writing on my blog really helps me achieve my goals ;) Yesterday I had the most perfect eating day! I limited carbs I watched my portions, I went for my jog and a little longer than usual. It felt really good! :)

Yesterday I was still a little upset about the job thing, but whenever I feel down I always turn to my favorite books. I've had these books for about a year and half and I always always go back to them to help calm me and they really help me stay on the positive side. One phrase I love the most and use is "Right where I am God is and God believes in me" . "Until Today" is actually a daily inspiration book so it's by day and each month has a working word. Like this month it's all about "Worth". For some reason it seems like each day I read it, it makes so much sense for the day I'm having.

I'm totally a book worm/collector. I say collector because I will buy any book I thing sounds good or recommended by people then some I don't even end up reading so I have this stack of books that I still have not read. Yesterday on XM radio Oprah Channel they were talking to the author below Sonia Choquette. She talked about this book and how to really release the inner spirit and follow what your spirit tells you. So I went last night to buy it. :) Just started reading it so I have no input on it yet, but so far so good.

How do you keep your self up beat and positive when going through life's ups and downs?

PS. It's a gorgeous fall day in Toronto today! ;)