Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beautiful Fall Weather

The weather has been amazing the last couple days. Gorgeous fall weather amazing for this time of year. Today I was feeling yucky at work. I'm going through a big learning curve and just feeling moosh. When we got home from work today we went for our jog, we went a little further than usual. It felt great and I'm feeling better already, ahh. Nothing like a jog in fresh air to clear the mind ;)

FRUIT! When I did my groceries on Sunday I bought lots of fruit, grapefruit, grapes, and strawberries. Trying to eat as nutritional as possible. I'm hoping to stay flu free!

Tomorrow husband and I both have the day off for remembrance day. I am so happy that I have a break in the middle of the week ahhhhh !

Look at Zoe thinking my back is turned and right away jumping on the counter. She noticed my pedometer on the counter and decided to knock it down and use it a s a toy and it broke! Maybe she doesn't want me to use it anymore HA! But that is ok, because I want to buy the one that tracks calories burned too, so now I have an excuse to go buy it! ;0

Off to read all my fav blogs ;)


  1. Good job on the jog + the fruits...those grape fruits make me wanna go grocery shopping lol

  2. Oh I gues Zoey wants snacks too ;0)

    Have a wonderful day today I pray you feel better soon.


  3. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. A break in the middle of the week is most excellent.