Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy weekend! Here and There.

Why do I have a BAG of chocolates! I know it's terrible! One of my amazing cousins brought my mom a big box of chocolates and when I went over to visit she gave me a bag to take home. How could I resist! I did however empty it a lot. There was at least 10 Areos in that bag, I took out 5 haha! This was Thursday night and so far I have not touched that bag :)

My sister over at Amandascookies4hope had a great idea to raise money for Haiti. She asked family and friends for donations and if they donated she would give them a box of her free homemade cookies! Well she raised $500 this week and I am going to help her make the deliveries tomorrow ;) Fun!


I wanted to show off my new booties, my aunt gave them to me and I thought they were so cute. (don't mind my awkward stance ahah)

Happy Weekend everyone!

Psst. Watching Julie & Julia for the second time, love this movie!


  1. Great job on the will power with the chocolate! And great idea for your sister to raise money for Haiti!

  2. Great job! Way to raise money, and you look great with your booties.

    Wonderful will power.

  3. you don't need to lose any weight hun, you look great!

  4. Very cute booties! and I am with stephanie t! I am not seeing where any more pounds can be shed!! Happy Sunday =D

  5. I love that movie so much! But, it makes me want to eat!