Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What a Day!

First stop this morning was at my Doctor's Office,. I have a very old doctor, she delivered me and my 33 year old brother and has been our doctor our whole life. She is witty and wise and very very honest.

"There's fat on your belly, you shouldn't eat to much, eat a little and eat no carbs and eat more fish" >> That is what she told me in my check up. I told her not to worry I'm working on it :) I did not tell her that I'm struggling with a sugar addictions and carbs make me happy ahhah! She also told me to add in more back exercises to strengthen my back. So I will do that :) I do have a lot of back pain on my lower left side so she is sending me for a ultra sound next week to make sure we are all good in there. Minus the scary google searches I have read about why my back hurts, I think it's all good and trust that I just need to strengthen it.

Good thing Doctor does not read my blog...

Toasted Ham and Cheese... mm couldn't resist.

Then I had to go downtown to fight that speeding ticket I got in June. It was nothing too major it was 16 over and I was going to plea NOT GUILTY, but then the officer was there and I was wayyy too nervous so I went with what they suggested and I did plea guilty with a lesser fine. NEVER will I speed again!! Lesson LEARNED!
Happy Hump Day!!


  1. Hi Tania, I can understand about your carbs and sugar addiction coz I am fighting it too, though not as successfully as I hoped. Like you, I too have severe back aches and I know how that can affect your psyche. Take care. All the best with your ultrasound.

  2. I hate it that you had to plead guilty. UGH!

    No more speeding!

    I have had a hard time with all the rain lately. I just started walking, and it has been raining day after day. I got it together today and cleaned house, and played with the big dogs.

    I think stumbling is normal. We recognize that we are stumbling, and we will recover quicker. I am here for you dear!

  3. WOW thats something...I can't believe u have the same doc....weird kinda...haha....I love your new profile pics...Gorgeous!

  4. Does your doctor have an accent? For some reason I pictured a woman with a strong accent telling you to not eat carbs.

    I hope your back is okay. If I were you I would stop googling your symptoms. Google results can be scary.

  5. ahahahah She does. She is German.

  6. I love carbs too. I made fried chicken tonight and ate the crust from my husband's pizza. Does that sound sick? I did keep under 1600 calories
    XD I'm a FF

  7. My doctor is British and I'm sure he'd say something similar to me, although I'd admit I wouldn't take it as well as you did.

    Hope your back feels better soon, sore backs suck.