Monday, January 04, 2010

Back to work after the holidays!

Back to work! Oh was it hard to get up today!

I brought my lunch today, I had brown rice and veggies. Yummy and healthy.

My snacks today were 2 clementines and a handful of walnuts.

I think I will do all right with my new eating plan ;)

I downloaded a new calorie counter App for my iphone and it is great in counting the cals in everything I eat!!!

Another area I have been watching is my budget. Last week husband and I tracked our spending and we were AMAZED on how much we totalled at the end of the week. Heck, we never paid any attention to that. So with a new budget app we are tracking our budget too and so far so good! Our goal is to save more and spend less to reach our new 2010 goals.

With yesterday's winnings I donated a little to a charity and the rest I deposited to my account and instead of running out and spending it quick , I will be responsible and use it for my needs not wants ;)

It's time to put our attention to counting! .....calories and money! ;)

Hope you had a good Monday!


  1. Wow, well done! I imagine that limiting food intake and "stuff intake" go hand in hand :-)

  2. ok i just read your previous post, congrats on your big win!!!

    that brown rice and veggies looks so good together! i hope you put that on your recipe blog, i wanna make it. :)

  3. How is the fridge experiment going?

    Keep up the good work!