Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Finally decided on nursery decor!

So I finally decided on nursery decor! Maybe it's the hormones but I just could not decide on the decor I wanted. I had lots of ideas and thought  I knew what I wanted but it all made me crazy and I even cried when I would visualize it. So today, with the help of my sister and husband I finally decided on what I will be going with! I pictured the decor in both spare rooms (just in case I change my mind on which room his nursery will be in) And I can visualize the decor in both rooms perfectly!

What do you think!

This is the bedding I already have from Toys R us

Wall decals, I will choose brown/beige/blue colors.



Nursery Set, not sure if this one exactly but I do want the hutch and glider :)

 And of course his little savings plan ahahh.



  1. I have to say tha is pretty darn cute! Very good choices. I think you will always be happy with those pieces and colors. :)

  2. I got the SAME bedding set!!! nice decor hun! love every piece!

  3. It's beautiful and matches perfectly! I love it! :)

  4. I love it, he's going to be so comfy in his cute little nursery! great choice on the decor tanya!!