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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Booty bootcamp workout!

I love the bootcamp class I joined. There are about 15 girls in the class. All different shapes and sizes and all there for the same reason. To break a sweat! And feel great about it! 


Yesterday was focus on your booty Monday! Let's just say I can barely walk today! 

On the weekend I bought new gear. Sports bra, workout tights, tshirts and runners. I found that my Nike runners were causing me to get shin splits. There's a lot of jumping in that class haha so the new addias I bought have more cushion and feel much better! 

It's April but it's cold and windy here! 
So today I decided it was still ok to wear black tights to work. I think I have till May 1st ha!

What I wore to work:
Skirt:Tristan. Blouse with beads, can't see in picture: Mexx. Tights:Spanx. Blazer: Suzy sheir. Shoes: Guess

What I wore in the pm. 

Jacket: Guess. Jeans: Mavi.
Shoes: MK 

Again, it's still so chilly. So spring jackets are a must, along with a scarf and an umbrella haha.

Even with the chilly weather we still make it to the park. Enjoying how close the park is to us right now before we move! 

Love this sweet boy soo much! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter weekend fun!

We had a great Easter weekend. Spending it with family and lots of food and chocolate! 

Our weekend started Thursday night. Pizza dinner at a Italian restsurant. Ohhhhh this pizza was so soooool good! I can't wait to go back!

Friday we went to my inlaws for a yummy fish lunch! Getting together with everyone is always so much fun.  With a couple bottles of wine at the table and playing name that song ha! It was a lot of laughs. 

The ladies :) we had some kinda nice weather haha. 

Saturday we had a busy day. Running errands and doing house work. 
While we were out we stopped for some Colombian empanadas!!

Saturday night we had a quiet little family dinner at a restaurant in the area of our new home, we wanted to check out the area! 

And today! Easter Sunday!

Easter Egg Hunt! 

How cute are these two! 

My sister is soo sick with strep throat :( so she stayed home, but we did have little E at lunch and she loved playing with the big kids. 

Our growing family. 

It was also my grandfathers 80th birthday!! 

Hope you all had a great Easter!

We have wayyy too much chocolate here. Want some? 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mr big boy 2 year old

I haven't done one of those "what's little K up to these days" in a while! 

So what's little K up to these days! 

29 months old! 29lbs! Ha always the same as the month. 

Size 5 diapers. Slowly potty training! 
Size 2-3t in clothes 
Size 7.5 in toddler shoes 

Eats most foods. Still loves his fruits and veggies the most! 

Bye bye pacifier last month. He never asks for it either! 

He's always singing or humming away. It's the cutest thing! He sings the full twinkle twinkle little star, sings his abc's! And many other kiddie songs too. 

Little K always wakes up with a big smile!

  He loves his daycare and is always telling us about his day and about his friends. He's mr talkative, I love listening to him talk and I'm always soo surprised by the sentences he puts together! 

Some of his favorite sayings...
"Zoe get down"
"Zoe go downstairs"
"Good morning Zoe" 
"Come on mama/dada"
"All better"
"No I don't want it" 
"Oh what's that"
"I'm tired mama"
"Breakfast yaaaa"
"Mommy I weee you" ( I love you) 
"Mika bite my back" (ha this happened so long ago and he mentions it almost everyday. When his big cousin bit him) 

Oh the list goes on and on 

Little k still loves, airplane and car toys the most! 

His favorite thing to do is brush his teeth every morning and evening with his daddy. Once he's done he runs to come show me. "Mama I brushed my teeth." 

He knows pretty much all his colors, many shapes, some numbers and letters too. 

He pays close attention to what's going on around him and boy does he have a sharp memory too! Since he was able to do things on his own, little k would always practice and practice something new until he got it! He is still like that! Very determined and persistent! It's amazing watching him learn and grow. 

He is the light in our life. Such a big personality for a little boy. He keeps us busy and fills our hearts with so much joy. We love him soo much and I'm soo blessed to be this little boys mom! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Kristian's Christmas 2013 in pics! 

Ice storm 2013 

Lots of presents! 

Fun with family 

Fun with friends 

Meeting a new puppy cousin haha

Fun with toys! 

We are ready for 2014! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baby boy is 2!

Little K is 2!!!! 

Yesterday we had family over for cake and to celebrate our sweet little boy's birthday! 

Really 2! 2 years flew by! 

At 2 years old little K weighs 23lbs and we just started size 5 diapers and soon will begin potty training!

He still loves his fruits and veggies but recently chocolate has made its way in to the list of fave foods ha!

He is my husbands mini man. He wants to copy and be just like dad! It's soo cute.

He amazes me everyday! 

His vocabulary is exploding and he repeats everything... Everything! We say.

Yesterday was party 1 of 2 for this crazy little boy.

Cake was yummy! 

Fun with family 
They traded boots. Ha! 

Lots of toys! 

Cars cars cars and planes! 

This weekend will be the kids Elmo party. Can't wait! 

Friday, October 04, 2013

Birthday planning!

Little K's birthday is in 3 weeks!

Our theme is ELMO! I already bought most the decor and his birthday shirt too! 

I'm getting great Pinterest inspired ideas! 

Ahhhh too cute!!!

And these look so fun! 

I still can't believe my little guy is already turning 2! 

He's one crazy sweet boy! 

Always picking and bringing me flowers! Ha!

Perfect with our fall decorations. 

Happy Friday! 

Check out my recipe blog! We tried vanilla chia seed pudding!!