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Friday, July 15, 2016

My take on 21 Day fix!

My sister and I kept on talking about dropping that extra baby weight. She had friends that tried the 21 day fix and saw amazing results! I was skeptical at first but my sister convinced me to get it! 

So we began our little journey. 

We pinned the heck outta the 21 day fix recipes ha! Pinterest has everything you need for this program.

We did our first 21 days! (Without shakeology) 

First week I found pretty easy... Second week was hard. I had cravings, may have caved a bit ha! I noticed that I ate way too many carbs and not enough protein. This program was the opposite, ha! I had to limit carbs and up the protein. 

Eating clean was easy, just as long as I planned my meals. Weekends were tough because hey, it's summer and there's a lot of bbq's and a whole lotta wine around. 

But the first 3 weeks I stuck to it with only a few tweaks and cheats. 

My meals were very yummy and satisfying.

I had the whole family on it and everyone was on board and loved their meals.

The workouts are pretty good. Easy to follow.

I actually ordered the extreme by accident but the regular program dvd's were shipped quick! 

I felt great! I had more energy. And in total lost 12lbs. 

Finally breaking the plateau I had for months! I lost all the baby weight I gained from baby M. I'm down a total of 45lbs from giving birth to my little guy, in 10 months! I think chasing 2 kiddies helped speed this up. 

My goal is to lose another 10-15lbs to get me to pre-preg little K! Ha! 

What I like best about the 21 day fix is the mindful eating. I'm paying attention to what I eat now. Even when I cheat, I take note. Before this program, I did a lot of mindless eating. Grazing, eating kids left overs or snacking all day. I wasn't drinking enough water either. 

I wanted a lifestyle change. This program is perfect in helping me achieve that.

Working out to dvd's daily, is not my thing. Busy days and 2 kids. That's impossible right now. However getting in a workout 2-3x a week I can totally make time for. 

That's my take on the 21 day fix :) 

I always say that ALL diets/programs work as long as you follow it. That's why I'm taking all that I've learned from 21 day fix and making it work for me and my lifestyle - with treats included. 

Monday, May 02, 2016

Weightloss goals

I'm 7lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Sounds good, but I actually have a goal to drop much more than that! 25lbs is my real goal. 

With 2 kids and always on the go, I need easy lifestyle changes. Following a plan that I set and forget! 

Which I have been doing. Changes that the whole family benefits from as well. 

My pressure cooker has been a big help in this process too. Healthy hearty soups and chillis, chicken and rice dishes. Yum!

To help me get an extra workout in,I joined a stroller fit class that begins Thursday! I'm excited for that! I joined when I had little k back in 2012. So im happy  to do it again.

I just hope baby M likes the stroller, he's not the biggest fan of them. 

We have been practicing in the house. Ha! 

 Saturday we are going to the Baseball game! New runners and new backpack were needed for this event ha!

Also excited for upcoming soccer 

Love my little guys!

And look at how busy baby M has been! 

I say he'll be walking by 10 months! Let's see! 
Seriously a cutey pie!

Friday, August 01, 2014

Summer time summer time fun

I don't want summer to be over!!!!!!!!

It's so nice heading to a park for some fun right after dinner. 

Running around looking for dinosaurs ha! Little k's new obsession. 

Taking some selfies while we are at it ha!

But little k got a few mosquito bites which he was not so happy about :/

Today my sister and I went down to our old neighborhood to workout! There will be a month gap of when our home closes and new home will be ready, so we will be staying at my moms. I'm actually pretty excited to go back to the  old neighborhood, it will always feel like home :)

Ha! We had so much fun chatting, laughing  and exercising. 

This week I think I did pretty good in my diet plan. I slipped up a couple times but over all ate healthy and watched my portions! Drank lots of water, less coffee ;) 

I'll do a weigh in Saturday morning!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Weekly goals and 39 pounds down!

I weighed myself this morning and I was only down 1 pound. In total I'm down 39 pounds! I am breaking up my weightloss goals in 5-10 pound mini goals. So I'm focusing on the next 5-10 pounds to lose.

I wrote out 3 goals on Monday. 1. Daily walks 2. No drive thru and 3. More water.

I did pretty well. I did however go to the drive thru twice, the coffee drive thru's. It's really hard not to! but glad to say I had nooo fast food at all. It's sad that this is a goal to begin with blah!

Overall I made breakfast lunch and dinner at home all week! Yay!! Even made whole wheat banana loafs for desserts!

I also bought new really cute coffee mugs this week to go with my dessert ha! ;)

Baby boy had new meals this week too. He tried chicken and butternut squash mix... He wasn't a fan haha. I'll keep trying.

Monday I'll post my next weeks goals to focus on. :)

Have a great weekend!