Sunday, March 14, 2010

Helping Family

Today was a good day. Our family got together to help put a smile on my moms face by redecorating her living room and dining room. Lots of work but the finished product was soo nice!

Pics below!

Prep work

The living room was in this middle room and the room in the front was a bedroom. We decided to take down the french doors to open it up and make the front room a living room and the middle room a dining room. This was NEVER done in this house. We always had a house full of people and needed that extra bedroom. This was my grandfathers house and has been in the family for years!!! I'll say 50 years at least. My mom and sister now live there and all of us coming together to fix it up and change it up like it never has...felt great.

My sister and I doing midnight sanding last night to prep for today.

Today all of us painting away

When my grandfather was alive he loved having a couch in the kitchen. Since I was a kid, there was always, always a couch in this kitchen. BUT times have changed and as much as mom resisted and did not want to part....

Bye bye couch...

The finished product.

I didn't put pics of the dining room, my mom is ordering new furniture so I will wait for that.

I'm exhausted! But still up blogging ahah! Time to go cuddle with the husband with our new books that came in and it's relaxing time!

Happy weekend. :)

March 22.10** Added pics of Dining room :)


  1. It is gorgeous!!!! You all did an AMAZING job!!! Can't wait to see the dining room, too!!!

  2. that looks awesome!! i love, love the paint color!

  3. Looks fabulous. Classy. I think some of the best times is getting together to help do a project;) Good fam you've got there!