Monday, March 15, 2010

No more 30Day Shred

This weekend was fun, Saturday we helped my mom paint her house and Sunday husband and I went shopping in the afternoon. While we were out we treated ourselves to a Honeydew Bubble Tea and Chinese pineapple sweet bread. YUM! But not part of my diet plan of course hahha!

I decided not to incorporate the 30 day shred in my work outs any more. The jumping up and down made me feel sick more than once and it hurts the knees! It's a great work out and works well in toning. But I rather do my Gazelle and Ab lounge. :)

Today for lunch I had 12 whole grain crackers with Veggies. I'm really liking this combo and I buy all different types of veggie packages for variety.

This week, is week 2 of the Nuplus shake and Calli Tea cleanse. So far so good , and nuplus shakes are so easy to make, love that!

Weekly goals :)

* 5 Days a week Nuplus Shake for BF - 1 slice of toast for mid-morning snack.
* Only 1 medium coffee a day
* 5 days a week of home cooking, include many "green" veggies.
* Drink lots of water everyday! A MUST!
* Tracking calories on Iphone "my fitness pal app)
* 3 bite rule on sweets
* 3 days a week basement work out/ or jogging. Weather is getting nice!
* No fast food! (no burgers, no fries, no pop!) :)
* 5 days a week Calli Cleansing Tea

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  1. Good luck on your goals this week. That sweet bread looks awesome. It makes me want to go hunt some down out here.