Sunday, March 07, 2010

Another beautiful day!

Another beautiful Day! We woke this morning to soo much sunshine. So we decided to get our running shoes out and go for a morning jog. Oh I miss jogging outdoors and I'm so happy the weather is getting better. Whoohoo!

At the end of a trail near our house there is a little park so we stopped to rest ahahh!

This weekend my healthy eating sorta went out the window, we ate fast food, chips and dip and Candy and chocolate!!...

BUT I did have time to make a delicious dinner. Shrimp Pasta with asparagus (altho my asparagus looks sad ahahh) I rarely make pasta, I leave the pasta eating for when I visit my grandma, but I had all the tasty ingredients for this shrimp pasta and it came out really good:)

Also, I've been talking about some products that I ordered from a bloggy friend, I tried the Calli Tea last night and it was really good and soothing. It's a cleansing tea so I am looking forward to drinking 1 cup a day ;)

Everyday for Breakfast this week I decided to forgo the coffee and toast for a Nuplus Shake.
I'm looking forward to the food change this week and really hoping I could see some pounds drop. I will write about my weekly goals tomorrow :)


  1. Wow you still have a lot of snow for how warm its been lately! I'm also thinking of doing tea instead of coffee this week. Goodluck with the change up!

  2. I need a report on the tea and the shake! I get nervous trying new things, so I'd love to hear what you think??

  3. Yum, yum, yum to all of your candy pictures...especially the sour patch kids.