Wednesday, March 10, 2010


First I want to start with my friends sisters twins. They both were born very tiny, one at 3lbs and the other at 2.4lbs. They are little fighters and it's been 2 weeks since they have been born and they are doing so much better! Such a miracle, especially when doctors were so negative with only bad news. I believe so much in the power of prayer and I'm sooo happy for their family.

This is my sweet aunt, she is one of the most caring and most giving person I know.

But she is not herself right now. She is really sick in the hospital and our family is really worried. She is in good spirits which I'm glad for, she is so positive and she just knows she will get better soon :)
She fell ill a couple days ago, we are not sure yet what she has they are still running tests. Her whole body is very swollen with water retention and she is having trouble breathing :( The Toronto hospital she is at is notttt the greatest (another topic) so care is taking time. We will know more tomorrow. I am praying soo much for her recovery. We need my aunt back to herself again :)

My cousin Jess, her daughter, is 21 and in university. It makes me so sad knowing how much she is worrying for her mom. I know exactly how it feels. When I was in college and that same age my dad was sick a lot. I remember going to school so worried and the brink of tears because I was so scared. I remember bringing my books to the hospital and studying for my exams... I really hope I can offer Jess any guidance that I can. As her older cousin I sometimes have the older sister role and feel protective, and really wish she did not have to experience this worry. :(

Me, Jess and Lauren :)

Love my girls.


  1. so sorry your aunt is in the hospital tania! i hope she recovers quickly so she can be back to her old self.

  2. As you know, I always read your blog without commenting on them, but this one i just had to!

    You are Jessica and Lauren's (and Amanda's too obviously) older sister and they are all beyond fortunate to have you in their life (and i know that they all realize this and are so thankful to have you!)--I couldn't imagine anyone better for this role that you. Just knowing that you are there for her will make jess feel better! You are a wonderful person and everyone who knows you is so lucky to have you in their life (myself included!)

    I hope your zia feels better soon! She comes from a family of fighters so she'll do just fine.


  3. I will be praying for you Aunt and those precious babies!!