Thursday, March 04, 2010

Vacation anyone?

Bloggy friends I need your help! I read many of your blogs and know some of you travel to beautiful fun places and just know you can help me choose a vacation for our 3 year anniversary in June :)

So I made a little list, in no order. And with no relation, just places that pop up in our heads. We are looking to go away for a week end of June.

Some of our most memorable vacations have been those with beautiful nature all around. Places where we were able to go out and explore and just feel and connect with nature.

Some places we have been:
Cuba 3 times! Holguin/Varadero (Holguin wins, gorgeous scenery loved it)
Dominican Rep 2 times
North and South Carolina/Myrtle Beach
and some other smaller trips to the states and within Ontario.

I made a small list of some places we would like to go and have not been yet.

- Within Canada - BC or Alberta
- Caribbean Cruise (sorta scared of the sea eee)
- Road Trip to Florida (we enjoy long road trips :)
- San Fransisco (Always wanted to go here)
- Hawaii (The scenery calls me)

Is there any place you would recommend? Let me know your feedback! and I'll start on the vacation savings :)


  1. I can't help with the Canada destinations, but I've been to all of the rest. I'd pick Hawaii hands down if it were up to me!! Thank you so much for the 100th follower!!

  2. :) Anytime!!:) ahah After I wrote these all down, I thought... Hawaii totally jumps out from that list ahhah. Ok 2 pts for Hawaii! I'll need any info you got too.

    PS. Feel free to recommend other places as well.

  3. I would choose Hawaii too, there's no game.

  4. it all sounds wonderful! the carribean cruise and hawaii both sound the best to me. i love the water!!

  5. I vote for Hawaii! Of course I would take just about any warm destination this time of

  6. I say Hawaii, but I haven't been to any other places on your list so I guess its biased since I went to Hawaii for my Honeymoon.