Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning Weekend

Yesterday was the first day of Spring! (It was a chilly gloomy day) BUT better days are ahead!

Ever since my meltdown last week I have been sticking to my schedule and found much more time for mee! Yesterday we were able to do Spring Cleaning in the house and have a whole afternoon out on the town, AND get some work (side business) in as well! :)
We went for a walk on lake shore. It was so nice.

Before we decided to move to suburbs we were actually considering moving to one of these condos. It is so nice down there. The energy you get from the people, the water, nature. It's unexplainable.

Ever since husband and I were younger we always believed in writing down goals and having a vision board. Even before we saw the movie the secret. We would drive around talking and expressing what we wanted for our future. Many many things we have achieved has been written on our vision board/Goals board in the past. Yesterday was one of those afternoons, driving around and talking about our new future goals. So last night we decided to buy a large cork board and re-write our goals and post matching pictures to express them.

Do you believe in Vision boards/Law of attraction?

And what's a day out without my fav food. SUSHI!!!!!
(however, my tummy was feeling off due to Friday nights outing, so I actually was not able to eat much yesterday, I guess that was a good thing... calorie wise ahah!)


  1. I definitely believe in the law of attraction. I think it brings positive energy into your life. Looks like you've had an excellent weekend!

  2. Great idea for the vision board. I'd say I believe in them but I've never tried it before, I've heard of lots of people doing them though. Sushi looks amazing.

  3. i'm so hungry for sushi after seeing your dinner!! yum! i think dream boards are awesome! i have one, well it's more like a scrapbook, with all kinds of pictures of the things i want to accomplish and places i want to travel. i need to get it out... haven't looked at it in awhile! it's so great that you and your hubby talk about your goals together.

  4. Well it looked like a nice weekend! The food looks de-o!