Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Gazelle work out

This morning I went for my B12 shot and my funny doctor said "Do ppl say, wow that girl has energy" hahh! I said NOPE! she said "OK then it's not working yet". ahahah She makes me laugh. Just as she was asking me I was thinking in my head how what a horrible schedule I have. I get to bed late, wake up late, arrive everywhere late. Yesterday I was so tired that I fell asleep at 6pm when I got home from work! Now that's not a girl with energy. NOPE!

So part of my new exercise goals I'm mixing the Shred DVD and my Gazelle workouts. I like changing it up. That way when I don't feel like doing one, I'll do the other.
Tonight there are some shows on Tv that I like. Modern Family and Cougar town. hilarious! My TV snack was carrots and dip :) (well the dip part is not too good, but good thing I didn't like it to much so left a lot :)

On the way home from work tonight we stopped by Winners and Homesense. I only walked out with a button shirt and also this piece of art. I love word art. Especially when it was only $10.00 :)

Today my lower back was hurting alot. I'm glad it doesn't hurt everyday but it's been hurting about twice a week. When will this cyst bursttttt already! I can't take it anymoreee!.... that's my little bit of drama, I'll just leave it at that.

I'm hoping to get to bed sorta early tonight. :) Good night!!


  1. You look fit, healthy and energetic to me.


  2. I hope you start getting more energy soon.

  3. I loveeeeeeee that art!!! i want to get one too!! cuz it's so true that miracle can really happen when you believe it...LOVE IT!