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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween with scary emotions!

Happy Halloween everyone. Baby K is dressed at Superman! We dressed him when he was 3 days old last year as Superman too! He was sooo cute today all dressed up heading to daycare!

Today is the third day of daycare. Leaving him an extra 2 hours longer than yesterday.

When he went in I stayed outside a bit looking through the window to see him. And then I just cried! I went to the car and had one of those hard cries! ;(

Never did I think this would be soooo hard!!!

He loves daycare, and the teachers and helpers are great! I have comfort in that!

As I was peeking in I could see Kristian paying attention to the teacher as she talked to him and he would give a half smile and babble back. He looked so cute sitting in between his 2 girlfriends haha. My heart just ached. I wanted to stay there the whole day and watch him! ;(

Love my little Superman!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Birthday fun

My sweet boy! Your Birthday was yesterday! You ARE NOW ONE!

 That's right. ONE!

I can't believe that just last year I brought you home. Everything was soo new to us. We had this precious little bundle. I could have never imagined how you would be a year later! And here we are!

What is new now that you are one!

You weigh: 17.9 lbs (we just had your one year check up!) (I thought you were 20lbs, I guess not!)

Still in size 4 diapers and in 9-12 month clothes.

We love your personality! You are soo sweet! A pretty calm and gentle little guy, but also show us when you mean business and you don't back down when you want something. You started letting out the scream when you want something. eek! It scared me haha

You are a great eater! but still not the greatest sleeper! haha! You are still nursing about 2-3 times in the evening and night. We officially weaned you for the whole day!

You have the cutest laugh and love to play with us. You are always waving and saying bye when we leave the house or walk in somewhere new haha it's adorable.You are learning something new everyday! And learning to take a few steps on your own!

You started daycare yesterday for 2 hours. They loved you! You played so well with the other kids and you looked soo grown up, I cried!!!!!!!! You are very independent and soo observant. You are always paying close attention to what is around you. You are there today too for 4 hours!

Yesterday we had a little party for you. You are having another party Saturday too! Here are some pics!

Lots of Toys!

You cried when we sang Happy Birthday. HAHA Getting old is tough!

You were not impressed with the smash cake haha

We Love you soo much!

We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends. Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousins, Friends! All Love you soo much!

(Hurricane Sandy hit yesterday, we were all safe. No flooding or power outages. But not the case for many in some parts of Canada and the USA. We send our prayers to all the people stranded or those that lost someone they love. Our prayers are with you)

Friday, October 26, 2012

What I learned this year as a first time mom

My little boy turns one tomorrow!

Today I'm preparing for his party. The year flew by!!! Last year at this time i had nooo idea what being a mom was about! No clue how to care for a baby. Here we are, a whole year later!!

Here are just some things I learned this year.

I learned what patience is. I never really understood that until my sweet baby came along haha!

I learned that no book and no matter what has worked for others just won't work on you my little one. You go against the norm it seems and 12 months later I finally accepted that haha

Things like, fill up his tummy and he will sleep longer... You will not sleep better on a full tummy it's uncomfortable for you! And you will wake up sooner!

Cry it out... Nope. You will never stop crying and get very wound up that it will take much longer to calm you after that. And that was not fun to try.

Bottle? Forget that! after a week of giving you the bottle and breast you made sure to let us know that nursing from mama is what you wanted. You never took a bottle since!

Store bought baby food...?You always wanted home cooked. And I learned to make your food and I love making you all your meals!

I learned that I have separation anxiety haha and never want to leave you which is making going back to work sooooooo hard for me.

I learned that I can actually function on very little sleep haha for now.

I learned that all babies are different and reach their milestones at different times. It can not be forced and it will always be reached just wait, because it's always a surprise and happens over night!

I learned that breastfeeding has been the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done. Hard to start and hard to wean!

I learned that you really do call the shots, no matter what is planned for the day... You come first.

I learned that if something works, stick to it!

I learned to never say never. Because with a child, you never know! Ha!

I learned to let go and just be.

I learned that I will learn as I go.

I learned that it's ok! My way, your way whatever way is ok!

I learned that social media is what kept me sane during those long nights up with baby.

I learned to never get use to any one way. Baby you are always changing and we love that but it also makes life interesting and we constantly need to adjust! Haha but that only means you are growing! ;)

I've learned a different kind of love this year.

I learned to be happy with the simplest things, like when you try new foods or learn new things or when you happily play with your toys, it totally makes my day.

I've learned that being a mom can be exhausting, babies keep us busy! but it's also the most rewarding!

I learned that time goes by soo fast! Because tomorrow you will be one!!!!!


We love you sooo much baby boy!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Extra space for baby

Baby K is just all over the place these days so yesterday we moved the ottoman out of the way for him to have more space and throw around his toys ha! I also got 2 storage ottomans for his toys.

I still love using the playpen especially when I need to cook. He still loves to play in it so I'll keep it around for a little while more.

In 4 days my little boy will be 1 ! 1 !!!!!!

Today was a beautiful day and we had to stop by city hall for a bit this afternoon. It's a beautiful warm fall day which so we took advantage staying out this afternoon before nap time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday planning!

My little one turns 1 soon!!!

We are planning not one but two! Parties.

I think I have it all planned out so far. The food, the cake, the loot bags and his outfits!

The theme for party one is just blue and "I am 1" sorta theme and party two with his friends is a Mickey Mouse theme. Mickey Mouse loot bags, cake and balloons.

I can't wait! I'll be making his smash cake too! That will be fun!

I'm excited for his little party but sad too! This year flew by!

He also has daycare orientation on his birthday! Big change coming for us in less than 2 weeks!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sad Teething Baby around here

Last night was rough around here. Kristian was waking up crying and screaming with his hands in his mouth and tugging his ear every 1-2 hours.
Daddy was helping too but nothing helped. I gave some Tylenol and pretty much nursed all night long. Mama is exhausted!

He has been ok during the day, a little cranky. I'm trying to distract him. I found his Baltic Amber anklet and put it on him. Hope it helps!

It's heart breaking when they are in pain.

How do you soothe your teething baby ?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby K is 6 months old!

You are 6 months already! It was like yesterday I brought you home from the hospital!

We love you soooooo much!

You are such a good baby! You LOVE to be held and you don't care by who haha! Everyone loves to hold and cuddle you and you are great with other people. You are soo social! You want to be part of everything! You will not sleep at all if there is a lot going on.

You only cry when you are tired and hungry. The rest of the time you are happy, smiling, babbling, laughing and observing. 

You love to splish splash in the bath... The other night was the first time you cried leaving the bath.. you wanted to stay and splash away!

You LOVEEE ZOE our cat. But she is not a fan of you yet haha! You stop what you are doing to stare at her, and if you are crying and hear her meow you stop right away and look at her. It's adorable!

When on your tummy you scootch your bum right up, your arms aren't as strong as your legs tho, not yet :)  You have very strong legs and LOVE to be in the exersaucer. We say you are our little soccer player :)

I love spending everyday with you. You always have me smiling and laughing.

You love sleeping in your crib and when you wake up you try and grab your mobile. It's so cute to watch. You sleep in your crib everyday but not for the whole night. I like to have you close since your sleep schedule isn't consistent yet and I am not ready to walk back and forth to your room ha!:)

You still nurse every 2-3 hours and eat solids twice a day. 40ml at 12pm and 5pm ish. Today we tried Pears and you liked it! What you don't seem to like is apple oatmeal. I stopped all cereals anyway. We are on breast milk, fruits and veggies. So far you have had Avocados, Bananas, Carrots, Butternut squash and pears!

The first 5 months I had sooo much trouble getting you to take a bottle.  Now you take any bottle and even a sippy cup! I was shocked to see this. However you HATE formula and just spit it out if I give it to you, so unless I pump, I have nothing to let you sip on yet haha!

You weigh 15lbs and in size 3 diapers.

You have your 6 month check up on Wednesday and one needle. 

You are such a sweet boy and we love you soooooo much! Happy 6 months Kristian!!!

Cutie Pie!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Making Baby Food Butternut Squash!

Yesterday I made Butternut squash for my little boy.

It was my first time making this.. ever.. ha!

I first washed it under cold water and dried it.
 Then cut the ends off...
 Then in half... It's like a pumpkin, ha!
 Scoop out seeds and peel it. My littler peeler was not that great so I ended up using a knife to peel it.
 I chopped it up and put it in my steam pot. (you can use your regular stove stop steamer )
 Let it cool then blend! I added about 1oz -2oz water. Add more or less depending on how thick or thin you want your puree.
 I then filled up my little containers and placed some in the fridge and some in the freezer. I read that in the fridge pre-made baby food is good for 2-3 days.
 Kristian loved it! I gave it to him for lunch and dinner yesterday and will do the same today!

We have tried, Avocado, Banana, Carrots, and Butternut squash!

A couple weeks ago I entered in this giveaway from Stephanie over at

 And I won it!!!! whooooooo!
 Gerber graduates products! I'm familiar with these because my niece loved so many of these goodies. Look at all these goodies!!! All the items are for 9 months plus, so we need to wait a little bit before we try them. But we are excited.
 Happy boy!

Kris will be 6 months Sunday! As of this week he is 15lbs! :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Making baby food is soo easy!

 Making Baby Food!

I love making my little one his food at this beginning stage of trying new foods. 
So far my little one has had Avocados, bananas and carrots. 

I use the Hamilton beach Pot to steam the foods that will need to be steamed, like the carrots and when I move on to apples, butternut squash, sweet potato and etc!

I also use the Hamilton beach hand held blender. I got this blender as a shower gift.  It's so easy to use and easy to clean!

I posted this picture last week when I made carrot puree. 
I used organic carrots, washed and peeled them and chopped them up and steamed them.  I added about 150ml water and blended it. I can use more or less water depending on how thick or thin I want the Puree. Then I used my little containers to store the left overs in the fridge to use the rest of the week. I love doing that! Kinda easier than making the avocado or banana where it needs to be made daily. 

So far my little one is loving lunch and dinner.  I first nurse him then give him his little meal about 20 minutes afterwards. When I started I waited an hour in between, but I made it closer now.  I feed him at 12pm and 6pm :)

Making baby food is really so easy. I'm glad I'm doing it too!