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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day weekend!

We had a fun filled Mother's Day weekend! I couldn't have asked for anything better! 

Friday night we had an evening walk at the amusement park. 

Little k is always super excited for the weekends ha! He'll ask if he's going to school then gets soo happy when we say no, it's the weekend haha!! 

Saturday we had some errands to run and stopped by our favorite Apple farm for some Mother's Day treats! 

Running around had this one pooped in the afternoon! 

While he slept we decorated the bathroom with some new purchases from the morning! 

We got new bathroom mats and towels, new decor to complete the look! 

Huge huge difference it made!!

This mama is happy!!

Later that evening we decided to go out for dinner. We looked up a New Mexican restsurant in the city and went to enjoy a quiet dinner on a patio. 

The weather was perfect! 

This morning for Mother's Day my boys surprised me with breakfast! I didn't even hear them get up! They let me sleep in and woke me up with breakfast ready for me! How sweet!!!!!!!! 
Love my little man soooooo much!

This afternoon we spent it at my grandparents. All the little kids lovee being with eachother. Cousin love!! 

We ended the day at home with evening Apple pie! And a relaxing evening in. My husband cleaned up and did laundry too! :) it was a perfect Mother's Day!!

Oh and we can't forget Sunday night homework. I love that my little man loves sitting in the office to do his homework. It's just the cutest!! 

Our trip is coming up! I need to get my pack on!!! Ha! 

Have a great week friends!!!! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weekend fun with friends and family

This weekend was all about Christmas! 
Meeting up with family and friends to exchange gifts and catch up! We don't get to see eachother often, but we all make the effort during the holidays. 

Saturday we finished up our Christmas shopping. We didn't stay out too long because we had a work Christmas party to attend to downtown! 

We have been going to these Christmas parties since 2004!  It was so great to catch up with friends. We were all equally happy to see eachother during the holidays. 

I was exhausted by the time we got home, I was sooo happy to see my bed ha! 

Sunday morning we got to sleep in a bit before heading out to a friends house. 

These little cuties got to open the gifts they got eachother. We are so blessed to have such great friends. 

The kids had a blast opening the gifts! 

The girls got to catch up and the guys, well. They were taking their body measurements for custom made suits! It was serious business!! 

Then when we left one friends house we went to another which was only 5 mins away which was great. 

The kids got to play and the adults chatted about everything and anything. Lots of food and lots of fun! A great holiday get together. I haven't seen some of these friends for years, but we all just picked up where we left off. That's true genuine relationships. 

Little k loves being with his friends. And they love being with him. He talks about them all the time and they are always asking for him!. He has one little baby that just started daycare with him. She doesn't talk yet but her father said that on the weekend all she kept saying was Kristian Kristian. Ha! The girls love him. 

He had a great weekend and he can't wait for Santa. He's been a really good boy and everyday he surprises me. Love my boy sooooo much!! And I'm more excited this Christmas than all the others past. 

I'll have some other pictures to post soon when I get them from daycare. Even tho his daycare isn't religious she still went out of her way to teach Kris the basics,  a little of what she could on the Christian side and a little on the commercial side. That was so nice of her. Although, she had a little tree and kris and his friends were complaining that they have big trees at home and that hers was too small haha! Kids! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The past couple weeks...

The past couple weeks in pics...

Cousin's wedding!! 

Our house SOLD!! 

We celebrated over wine and steak! Ha! Of course! 
Our new home is coming along! 

Enjoying our last summer here in this home! 

And having fun everyday with this little man!! 

Happy Sunday! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Daylight savings weekend

Who is tired!? Zzzzz we changed the clocks forward Sunday morning. Little K slept in this morning and I allowed him an extra 15mins before waking him up to get ready. I felt so bad! He looked so cozy this morning. 

This weekend was the usual, busy busy!

Friday night was date night at a Jazz club downtown. We had a great time. 
The music was amazing and a place we will definitely go back to.

We are beginning to declutter and stage the home to sell in the spring. Saturday morning we had a cleaning complany come in for 5 hours. While that was happening we went out to get new items for the bathroom and bedroom. It was a early morning for us, we were up at out at 8am! 

Saturday night we were over the inlaws for my sil's birthday celebration! They have a karaoke speaker/microphone and little K had a blast! He was so excited and went to grab us one by one to come dance and sing with him. 


Yesterday I went to get my hair colored and cut by my cousin. My hair feels so much lighter! She layered and thinned it out! 

It's Monday, the start of a new week. Let's start today with love and positive thinking. This morning I read this bible vs and reminded me to trust in God when we are dealing with things in life we are unsure or afraid about.... It's easy to get caught up in what society tells us of how to think and behave..... 

When confused... 

Prov 3:5: trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Where have I been...

It's been hard finding time to blog. Our new routine is now just our routine, but some things like watching TV and blogging have been put on the back burner. In the end, these things take time. Time I don't have much of.  When I'm trying to fit in so much in my day after 5pm, not having these 2 things part of it actually has me with that little bit of quiet time at the end of the day. But I love my blog and love blogging our life. So I will try and make more time for it! ;) there are many milestones I don't want to miss! 

There are some new things in our lives that are taking up our time. Things like potty training! 
Little k understands what his potty is for. We sit him on it every night before bath time. We still have a long way to go :) but in baby steps we are doing well! 

...Things like family time and date nights! Take up our time :) 

And the biggest thing taking up our time right now is a new home! We decided to buy a new home to be built in November! So we have been doing a lot of running around choosing all the things that we want in this new home. 

With this also comes decluttering and staging of our current home to sell. I'll blog about that one day too! Ha! 

My goal is to blog at least once a week! Starting now! 

Happy Monday!