Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is up with these emotions!

Can you say MELTDOWN! That is pretty much what I had last night. Work has been really stressful then I have a daily busy after work schedule that just caught up to me. (perfect kitty pic above to express this, (my mom's cat ahha)

So after work yesterday when I walked in the door and saw my kitties fur balls every where and the sink full of dishes and the laundry piled up and an inbox full of side business emails and the mail piled up... I started to feel a tad overwhelmed. I expressed this to my husband calmly of course (yelling loud and CLEAR) and he agreed that we will split the house work and that it's not a big deal etc. Fine... But I was not done. As we were working out and I was on the Gazelle, I was continuing releasing all that was upsetting me... I don't even know what I was mad about, I think I mentioned everything and everybody and really don't think I made much sense. THEN I lost it, I had a meltdown and CRIEDDDD like that sobbing cry and I was angry! Where on earth did this anger come from. I was tired and angry and stressed and crying!! So I just went straight to bed. Then again after work today, with no real reason to stress I broke down into tears again! What is up with these emotions!

I think the last 2 days taught my husband to just listen and not make it worse by adding his suggestions. I was not looking for a solution, I'm not sure what I needed... But I feel better now after my 2 overwhelming meltdowns and Mr husband hugging me and taking me to a late dinner to make me feel better.

Being a woman is just so fun! ha!


  1. I think melt downs are our bodies way of letting us know when enough is enough. I'm happy you're feeling better.

  2. You poor thing! Even though it doesnt sound pleasant I am sure this is exactly what you needed! And that hubby of yours is super sweet to listen and then treat you! Hope things only get better from here! =D

  3. man, that sounds all too familiar. i have these break downs way too often! and it always feels so much better to just release those feelings!!! i'm glad your hubby understood and took you to a late dinner! that is so sweet. :)

  4. May be sometimes, it's just the hormons ;)
    Glad you are better now.

  5. Meltdowns are actually healthy! We've got to take time for ourselves sometimes and let the rest deserve a spa day;)

  6. I'm sorry you've been so stressed lately. I hope things getting better for you soon.

  7. Meltdowns are great for moderation of course ;)

    Hopefully it will all pass quickly and you'll be thinking WTF!?

    Smile, lady

  8. Awwwww, hon. Of course you're stressed with your aunt and everything else. Just take a nice warm bath or go for a massage - Serenity Spa is awesome (I went and they were amazing). And any night you don't feel like cooking, feel free to head over here - we've always got food and wine flowing!