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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back from vacation! 6 days in Jamaica!

I didn't talk about going on vacation because I actually didn't even know we were going to go on one! 2 weeks ago my husband called me from work and said he is getting time off work and to book a trip ASAP! So I booked, planned and packed a vacation in 3 days and we were off to Ocho Rios Jamaica! Talk about a rush!

Baby K didn't even have any summer clothes that fit! I had to run out and buy him a summer wardrobe and swim gear. Not a problem at all tho shopping for my cutie haha.

I was a little worried about going on vacation so close to my sisters due date too! But it all worked out and she's still pregnant! Haha we want baby E to hurry and and come now! ;)

Baby K is a great little traveler! Of course being a toddler he had his moments but overall he was great the whole trip! He loved being in a different setting. On the beach and sand under the sun, he loved it. He learned so much the past week, his vocabulary expanded, he mastered using the ipad for apps he loves, motor skills like using the fork himself more often to eat and balancing while he makes a run for it. He came back a different little baby.

I will blog more about our trip during the week! Like my must haves while traveling with a toddler.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Our first family vacation!

We just came back from our first family vacation! To Mexico!

 I did not know how it was going to be travelling with a 9 month old. I had to pack everything! I can say that I did over pack for the 4 day vacation we went on. But better have more than less!!

Kristian absolutely loved it!

And it was not hard either! Both ways I only needed to change him once on the plane and it was easy, the plane had a change table. We also took turns holding him in the plane and he was happy. 

I was impressed with my little travelling little boy.

On the way there he was awake the whole plane ride... about 3 hours to Mexico.

He loved looking out the window. He even clapped when everyone else did at the landing ahahh!

And on the way back he slept the whole time!

During the trip we let him lead us with his schedule everyday and it worked out.

We woke up daily around 8am, I fed him his cereal in our room then we went out to breakfast then to the beach or the pool.  Around 11am is his usual nap so we would either go back to the room for an hour or let him sleep on the beach. Same went for his afternoon and evening naps. We did get back to our room early (Not the single party trips with a baby haha!) We were in our room at about 10pm. 

The vacation was soo relaxing. We loved our hotel. Grand Sunset Princess in the Riviera Maya!

We brought a small umbrella stroller which was great to have, The resort was pretty big, so we did a lot of walking!

The weather was amazing!

Kristian loved being out in the sun all day! I kept him in the shade a lot and with a hat and Aveeno Baby sunscreen too!

He did nurse a lot more the past 5 days. I brought jarred baby food for him and he didn't want any of it! I fed him some fresh fruits and nursed him.  All was fine and he was happy.

He even slept great there too! waking only once to nurse!

I can't wait for our next family trip! We has sooo much fun!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our vacation is near!

Soon I'll be in the Riviera Maya at an all inclusive family trip!

Now that we have baby K, packing is much different. I use to only think of myself and what I needed to travel But this time I have been working on my list of what to bring for baby K!

I need to think of all his food to bring, spoons, bowls, toys, clothes, diapers, wipes, creams, blankets Etc my list is pretty long haha.

I wrote out a list to follow for traveling and a list of things while at the resort Ahah. Planning is key. I have everything I need and ready to travel!

We will be going for 4 days. So it's short but much needed ;)

I'm really excited for our first family trip!

I'm looking forward to not having to cook and clean for 4 days. Haha

Can't wait to see this cutie enjoy the beach ;)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My sweet boy is growing up!

Baby K is almost 9 months old. The past week/ weekend I've seen soo many more changes in him.

He now claps and bounces when he hears music which is adorable!

He is gaining more strength and lifts off his toys to climb on them. He isn't crawling yet, but slithers and goes backwards and side to side haha.

He loves playing with toy balls throwing them and getting them back.
He loves playing in his playpen with all his toys. (great for me too, I can cook or do dishes as he plays ;)

He is starting to eat mum mums (baby crackers) alone! This is great for me too because he stays entertained with it!Ha!

He is eating a variety of foods these days. Tomorrow I have a new recipe I want to try out. Chicken and carrots with olive oil and onions! Delish! Hahaha

We are planning for our trip that's coming up! I have a huge list of what to bring! Eek! But I'm soo excited to see baby K play on the beach!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

3 more months!

Eek! It's 3 more months then it's back to work!! Baby K will be headed to daycare. We have so much to prepare for the next 3 months. Paperwork for daycare paperwork for work yuk!

Staying at home with the baby is just as hard some days as being a working mom. Both has it's pro's and con's. Although I would love to stay home with little K, I know the daycare I chose is a great fit for him. He will learn a lot and make lots of friends too. I am sure that I will be the one having a harder time getting use to it than him ha!

We are planning a family vacation before I go back. A much much needed vacation!

Have you traveled with your little one? Any tips?

Ahhhh the ocean!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Vacation Resorts con't

From yesterday's post Show Us Your Life - Favorite Vacations Many of you asked where I stayed when I went on vacation and how I liked the resorts. The ones you all were interested in were Punta Cana and Jamaica :)

The first time I went to Punta Cana was on my honeymoon.  We stayed there for 2 weeks. We stayed at Majestic Colonial. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!! The resort, the rooms, the food, the pool, the beach, the entertainment, the service, the excursions ALL AMAZING! If you are planning a trip next, choose Majestic!
Because we were there for 2 weeks we did a lot of excursions. Not sure if I remember them all haha!
The Catamaran trip was amazing. We went to Santo Domingo too which was fun.  We also went on a ATV tour (4 wheeler thingy) which was fun too.

In 2009 we went to Punta Cana again and stayed at the Gran Bahia, another amazing resort.  However in Punta Cana I loved Majestic better, but both were still really good. On this trip we did the Funny Monster Safari which  I totally recommend! The scenery is amazing and the beach they take you to is breath taking!

You can read about the Gran Bahia trip below, part 1 and 2.  Sorry I didn't have my blog in 2007 when I went on my Honeymoon, I think I started this blog in 2008!
- Gran Bahia Principe
Part 1 
Part 2

In Jamaica we stayed at a Gran Bahia resort as well, in Runaway Bay.We loved our Jamaica trip.   The excursions were so fun, the resort was beautiful, food was amazing, staff is so friendly. We can't wait to go to Jamaica again. We went on the Dunns River Tour and The Bob Marley tour.
You can read more about our Jamaica trip below:
Jamaica - Gran Bahia
Part 1 read here 
Part 2 read here

Hope this helps you plan your next trip! I know I want to now! Ha!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Favorite Vacation Spots

Today on Kelly's Korner Blog It's Show Us Your Life - Vacation spots!

Funny that it's about vacations today. I was at work all day thinking of going away! Husband and I are thinking of going on a vacation in June.  Now this will make me want it moreeee!!

We LOVEEE Beaches!! Who doesn't! Since we have been together we have been to... Cuba 3 times (twice Holguin once Varadero) We have been to Punta Cana (Dominican Rep) Twice, Nassau Bahamas, Coronado Beach San Diego, Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Runaway Bay Jamaica! (I think I got all the beaches we've been to... I think)

From the beaches we've been to I remember Bahamas water being the clearest!

Punta Cana beaches being the largest and with beautiful palm trees, and great food!

We also loved being in Jamaica, great food, great weather,  I loved the landscape too.

 One great memory I have of Cuba is renting scooters and riding through the country. We loved doing that.

My husband also proposed to me on our Cuba trip in 2005 at the top of a very scenic country side, just the two of us and baby goats that ran up the hill. :) 
Overall I felt that Punta Cana had the best overall package, Beach, weather, great food, and fun excursions. However I also have Jamaica up on that list too. With the same, great beach, weather, food, great people and fun excursions too. 

Ahhhhhh now I neeed a vacation!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

San Francisco Trip 2011

Our San Francisco trip was tooo short! But we managed to do a lot! We walked a lot and had a blast eating at some yummy restaurants and sight seeing!

We saw the Golden Gate Bridge and spent a couple hours in Sausalito. Sausalito is so nice, we loved walking around and going in the little shops. It's such a peaceful place.
We walked down Lombard Ave and down to Fishermans Wharf. (A couple of times, my calves are still sore!)
I got to see Alamo park and the 6 ladie(Yes, this is a part of where full house opening scene was filmed :)
We bought a 3 day $20 pass for the cable cars. I love these! But I admit I rather be sitting, I was a little scared having my butt out there ahah!

We also took a tour to Golden Gate Park. It is BEAUTIFUL THERE! San Francisco's largest park and I'm sure one of the most beautiful. We walked for hours talking about our goals and future plans :) we almost were late for our pick up ahahh! We broke our camera in the park too, trying to take a couples pic on timer. It fell off the ledge it was on and the lens broke :(

We went to the Science Centre too. San Francisco has the largest Planetarium. I LOVE Planetariums. I have such great memories of going to the Toronto one when I was a kid. So I HAD to go!
Our food of choice... Clam Chowder Bread Bowls! We tried a couple restaurants by the pier and they all had yummy fresh fish and seafood. Great places to eat at Fishermans Wharf.

We stayed at Hotel Union Square - A personality Hotel and it was really nice. I loved our room. It was in the heart of Union Square in the middle of all the shops! The first day there I bought the jacket I'm wearing at H & M. The one I brought from Toronto was too warm!

The weather was nice, a little rain but heck it's winter right! (Toronto it's snowy and -20 degrees Celsius!) So I'll take the little drizzle thanks! ahaha!

I have tons of pictures. I'll try and get them on Flickr soon. :)

There is so much to see and do in San Francisco. I wish we were there for a couple days longer! But I'll be back!

Monday, January 31, 2011

We Loved San Francisco!!!

We just got home tonight from an amazing trip to San Francisco!

I'll get into more details of my trip on tomorrows blog. For now I need to catch up on some sleep!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to 2 coffee's!

I was doing soo well in late 2010 with drinking on 1 coffee a day. But the past 2 weeks I've been slowly creeping up to 2 coffees a few days a week. Then yesterday I had 2, and then today I had 2! I need to get back to drinking my tea in the afternoon instead of coffees!

At my bff's baby shower I won this tea mug with a diffuser and some loose tea. I love it!

So I hope tomorrow is a better day. I'll try and get back to 1 coffee a day!

How many coffee's do you have a day???

Reno update:
My dining room will look like this until next week.

It's a little hectic! And our San Francisco trip is coming up soon too!!!! I hope the reno's are over before we leave.

The weather here is cold and icy and snowy! So I'm trying to really figure out what to wear on our trip early Feb since weather in SF will be much better than it is here!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Down 2.5 lbs!

Last week went great great! I followed my goals with counting my calories, eating at home during the week and exercising, so yesterday mornings weigh in, I was down 2.5lbs!

I'm being much more attentive with eating out as well (because we love going out for dinner on the weekends!) So Friday night my husband wanted to go for a lobster dinner. I skipped the rice that is came with and I also skipped dipping the lobster in the butter. So I saved some calories there! And still enjoyed this yummy lobster!

Yesterday morning we woke up to all this snow! So what a perfect day to try HOT YOGA! HA! Let me just say WOW! It was HOT!
It felt great! Although the truth is, it was a little intimidating with all the VERY fit women doing all the poses correctly and there I was full figured falling around and not being able to do the full 1.5 hours HA! I wore a tank top and yoga capri's I was soaked with sweat right through my bra! I'm not good with hydrating myself so of course I didnt drink enough water as I should have and that caused my day to be a little off with a massive headache. I also had killer lower back pain (oh boy!)

I will definitely be going again. I need to look at their schedule to find a shorter class, 1.5 hours was wayyy to much for this beginner!
This week we are planning our trip to San Francisco for February! I'm really excited! My husband and I have a tradition of going to buy a travel book of where we are going when we plan trips, so we did that yesterday. I know some of my followers live there or have visited so any suggestions you have just let me know! :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend. How are your weight loss goals coming along???

This weeks Goals I will follow:
*1500 Calories/day
* Tracking calories on Iphone "my fitness pal app"
*Drink lots of water everyday! A MUST!
* 3 bite rule on sweets or no sweets at all!!!
* 3 different workouts this week (Fitness DVD/Gazelle/Gym)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Road Trip to Quebec City

We are back from an amazing trip to Quebec City. About a 9 hour drive from Toronto to Quebec City.

We have been to Montreal a couple years ago and Quebec city is about 4 hours from there. We didn't really know what to expect in Quebec City.... Quebec City is BEAUTIFUL! It is so romantic! We stayed in Old Town Quebec City and absoultly loved it!

We had so much fun. We spent the whole day, morning to evening Saturday and Sunday just exploring. We went to Museums, Boat tour, Horse and carriage tour. Watched a concert, ate at some romantic little bistros with live bands. Hit the pubs and night... Ahhh I could get use to that lifestyle.

The one thing I loved about Quebec City is it's Eurepoean feel (it is one of the oldest European settlements in North America) I loved that in the morning we walked to a nearby bistro for breakfast. With windows open and a relaxed calm crisp feel in the air. Everyone was strolling by, no rushing, No fast food. No eating in 10 mins and running off. We enjoyed all our meals on patio's, had great conversations and relaxed after we ate watching people walking the streets with smiles on their faces.

I didn't count any calories on the weekend. I wanted to enjoy the whole experience to the fullest! And they have the best Croissants I have ever tasted! No way I was depriving myself of that! ha!

Not sure how I will get back into the working mode after this. haha! I feel like hitting a patio for lunch!

We will definitely go back to Quebec City. maybe in the Winter during Carnival!